Araura Volume 1: The Darklands

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The tale is about to begin as Renzia Windlance, a lowly contractor from the Darklands, accepts a job to escort Anea Branduill to a distant land. However, this contract could prove to be above Renzia's pay grade!

Anea is the last known Arauran, a race of ascended beings of tremendous power and knowledge. Anea was raised in the Darklands after the mysterious disappearance of Araura and now she must learn about her heritage and Renzia has to get her to her destination safely. Standing in the way is a maniacal assassin bent on destroying the "Valura", the harbinger of the end of the world in his faith. His target appears to be Anea, making Renzia's task all the more daunting. With help from reluctant allies, Renzia just may be able to make good on his contract and make enough cash to retire young!

Trade Paperback measures 6 inches x 9 inches • 212 pages • Black and White