Who's This Guy?

Born and raised in a small agricultural community in the heart of the Kentucky bluegrass called Harrodsburg, I was always a big dreamer with a big imagination. Often times walking the lonely rural backroads and quiet streets of my home, I was conjuring up wild stories and complex characters from a very early age. In my early teenage years, I began honing my drawing and writing skills, often imagining small communities such as my own wrapped in the backdrop of some fantastical event, like a monster invasion or stumbling across a forgotten castle in the middle of the woods. You know, awesome wild kid stuff.

After high school I went off to college and life away from home, where I was exposed to innumerable new creative and artistic influences. It was at this time that I really began to figure out what type of artist and storyteller I wanted to become. With creative influences that spanned a wide variety of mediums from film to comics, video games, literature, instrumental music and more, I began laying the ground work for the worlds I would being to forge in the future.

My first work, the fantasy graphic novel series Araura was my first truly successful accomplishment as an independent creator. Araura is an ongoing tale that follows the ever-developing adventure of Renzia and Anea as they piece together the mystery of the fate of the lost land of Araura and battle the agents of darkness that pursue them and the other heroes over the course of the story.

Since the beginning of the early releases of Araura, I have also released art prints and original art collections (both ongoing and limited runs) that pay homage to my many influences over the years.

As my creative career continues to grow and evolve I am excited about the new projects that are in development as well as continuing to expound upon the works that I have already put out into the world.

I am so appreciative of all of you who have been with me on this journey of creation and exploration, and to those who are just now discovering me. I am thankful for the success, I am also thankful for the times that I failed because with each failure I am presented with an opportunity to pick myself up, learn and grow into a stronger more evolved creator.

More to come very soon, I look forward to entertaining all of you!

Keep Rockin’

Ray Coffman