Araura Characters

The Characters of Araura (so far...)

Renzia Windlance

Renzia is a wandering young vagabond from the Darklands. Although he is a capable fighter and tracker, Renzia has had a bit of bad luck closing out some jobs in the past. This has made him the punchline of a few jokes in the community of contractors around the land.

He appeared in the Darklands helping citizens with odd jobs and small protection gigs about five years ago, before that there is speculation as to who he was and where he had been. Ultimately though, no one cares so no further investigation has been pursued. Renzia's past may be a bit clouded, but he currently seems to be a guy who doesn't care much about anything or anyone.

Behind the sarcastic quips and lazy attitude beats the heart of a guardian... even if he may be a bit of an underachiever.

Anea Branduill

Anea is a very important young woman because she is the last known Arauran, an ancient society of guardians that have vanished without a trace. She was born and raised in the Darklands and despite having a very rough upbringing, Anea is a very kind and generous soul. Don't be fooled into thinking she is a delicate flower though, Anea is as rough and tough as they come and has a temper that can be lit in an instant!

Anea was orphaned at a very young age when her parents were killed protecting the local townsfolk from a group of vicious bandits. Immediately thereafter, a Sage known only as "Lordus" came to help Anea get through this rough time and teach her more about herself and her people, the Araurans.

Now Anea has been summoned by Lordus to the Kingdom of Burgonne, for what reason no one truly knows.

Emeena Seradain

Like many members of the House of Seradain, Emeena was raised with the best education, lifestyle and training. She is the top ranking scout in The Circle of Guardians and is not shy about informing those she feels are not on her level about it.

Emeena portrays a harsh facade, but in reality she cares deeply for the inhabitants of the Darklands. Though she can barely remember she can recall the glory of the Mursai Empire, before it fell to the Curse of Desolation and became the Darklands. She is Anea Branduill's best friend and one of the few people that know that Anea is actually Arauran. Their longing for the restoration of their homelands, desire to help those who cannot help themselves and just being there for each other in harsh situations over the years have solidified their friendship into an unbreakable sisterhood.

Now, she worries for her sister as Anea embarks on a dangerous journey with Renzia, who she has no faith in. Poor guy!

Sage Lordus

Lordus is man whose past is shrouded in mystery. His understanding of the workings of the world and the energy that flows through it are second to none. He offers his wisdom freely to those who seek his tutelage and he is a very compassionate man.

Lordus is Light hearted and quick to crack a joke, unfortunately humor is not one of his many strengths as many of his puns fall flat to a few sympathy chuckles. When Anea was orphaned at a very young age, he took her under his wing and taught her not only how to survive in the harshest of environments but to flourish in spite of all of the darkness in the world around her.

Lordus came to Burgonne under mysterious circumstances though and has a close, private relationship with the royal family. Some would say his unheard of promotion to High Watcher of Burgonne was because of that relationship, were it not for his incredible power.

Omaku Higaro

Little is known about the mysterious assassin, Omaku Higaro, that has been plaguing the Darklands with death and despair. The only thing that is apparent is that he is hunting the for what he believes to be "The Valura", which is the harbinger of the end of all things in the beliefs of his people, the Taldaren.

He has already annihilated the Burgonne regiment dispatched to escort Anea to the kingdom and, and therefore directly responsible for Anea requesting Renzia's assistance in her journey. It would appear that his target is Anea and anyone who would assist her.

Renzia better watch out!

Bilkelaria "Bilks" Gemmon

Bilkelaria, or "Bilks" as friends and bar patrons have taken to calling him, is a bit of a sad story. Once, a promising student of the Lumen Arts, tragedy struck. His wife-to-be, Farina, fell ill and died. Grief stricken, Bilks Gemmon withdrew from the world capital's most elite Senki temple and resigned himself to the port town of Thalus, which borders on the Darklands.

Now, Bilks spends his young days at the local tavern drinking his memories away and often finding himself in compromising situations as a result. It just so happens that Bilks is drinking buddies with Renzia, though the two have had their share of scuffles in the past.

Azhaius Garalor

Azhaius (uh•ZAY•us) is the Monolith of Burgonne and a member of the Kinlight Council. Since he was very young, Azhaius was a prodigy in the ways of battle tacics and strategy. He and his brother, Kaius, are originally from the Mursai Empire and were accepted into Burgonne after the event known as The Darkening turned Mursai into the Darklands.

While in Mursai he served directly under the great Monolith of Mursai Jenzor Contego and at eighteen years old, was the youngest person to ever serve in Mursai's elite guard, the Dankor. Azhaius was stationed in the capitol of Mursai, Adros Maxim, the night of The Darkening and witnessed firsthand the curse take hold of the mighty empire. However, Azhaius claims to have a hard time recalling the events that took place that night for all of the chaos

With his present role as Monolith of Burgonne, he is charged with overseeing the defense of Burgonne and it's surrounding neighbors. He is often leaving for other lands to serve in diplomatic roles on behalf of Burgonne as well as assisting with peacekeeping functions.

Azhaius is a tactician of the highest caliber and has a deep well of power and skills to draw from to help him accomplish his objectives. It is even said that he has never been bested in combat, in practice or on the battlefield.

Meradell Arclan

Meradell Arclan is a Sage Clairvoyant of Burgonne. As a key member of the Kinlight Council she is tasked with using her connection to Sereth's energy to detect problems and plan tactics to eliminate threats to Burgonne and its neighbors.

Meradell came to Burgonne as a refugee at the age of six when her country was attacked. What was left of the Arclan clan settled in Burgonne, and being famed for their ability to harness the natural energy of Sereth, became a prominent family in the kingdom.

Forseeing the coming of a murderous and dark force, Anea is the one that informed Dage Lordus that it was time to move Anea to Burgonne. She devised the plan for Anea's recovery and transport. Meradell feels responsible for the caravan's annihilation as well as the lives that were lost, something was blocking her vision of the ambush...

Hagras Keefan

Hagras is the Commander of Burgonne's Special Operations Forces and member of Burgonne's Kinlight Council. He is often seen walking around Burgonne's capital city, Levenhall, with Sage Meradell Arclan acting as a mentor for the young sage.

Hagras was a Lieutenant Colonel during the Kazogaru War, after which he was recognized the world over a war hero. However, Hagras had many regrets about the things he had done. Rather than run from the horrific memories of what he had done, he decided to live on and protect the world around him in honor of all those who had died in what he viewed as a seneseless war.

Together with Sage Lordus, he helped found the Kinlight Council. It is his vision that the council can foresee major events before they happen and prevent another tragedy like Kazogaru.

Brin Nelholm

A mountain of a man, Brin was recently raised to the rank of Ignatos Knight within the Kingdom of Burgonne. Brin is a member of the Nelholm clan, a family that is respected throughout the world as a shining example of equality and honor.

Thoug a capable warrior, he has yet to attain much experience out in the world and many have questioned whether his title is based on his actual merits or his bloodline.

His first mission since acquiring his title has proved disasterous as the caravan as the caravan that he and his partner, Endra, were tasked to protect was annihilated. Now he seeks a way to fulfill his mission and get Anea safely to Burgonne. Having himself and his partner badly wounded fleeing from the assassin with Anea, his only chance may be the young vagabond Anea has requested to be her guide...

Endra Serpanta

Endra Serpanta is an Ignatos Knight in the Kingdom of Burgonne, descendant of the Serpanta family of Kazogaru. At the age of five, her family fled to Burgone to escape the genocide of her people during the Kazogaru War.

Today, Endra serves as a Gather Ghost for Burgonne's Special Operations Force. She works under the direct command of Hagras Keefan and admires him greatly for his work during the Kazogaru War protecting her people. Hagras recently had her raised to Knighthood for her stellar work with the Special Operations Force and nominated her to accompany the caravan that would escort Anea to Burgonne.

Her skills as a Shadow Weaver are exclusive to those with Kazogaru blood. These skills were key in helping her and her partner Brin Nelholm protect Anea Branduill and escape during their encounter with the assassin Omaku Higaro.

Endra is also what is known as a Sendrel, which means she has three times the life force of an average mortal. The Sendrel typically age at one third the rate of regular people, usually living to be in their late one hundreds... barring any physical calamity