About Araura

The tale of Araura (uh-ROHR-uh) takes place on a world called Sereth (SE-reth). Sereth is home to many diverse peoples, creatures and landscapes... and that's just on the physical plane!

Here you will be able to learn about the cultures and races of the people of Sereth, its lands and creatures as well as read stories about the history of the world that has shaped its political and cultural landscape as it exists in the outset of the tale!

 Inhabitants of Sereth

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The Mursai Empire

Of all the lands of Sereth, no other was as respected and feared as the mighty Mursai Empire. In the year 832 V.E. the King of the Galforn nation, Heleon Garrata Mursai ended a twelve year war that unified the major tribes of the land. Ten nations went to war, Galforn, Vrallon, Feros, Kuzioga, Derallen, Gaillos, Korvel, Jasferon, Lunias and Kargum. Of those ten nations, Derallen, Gaillos and Jasferon were completely annihilated leaving what was left of their people refugees. Originally, Heleon's goal was not to unify the nations, but rather to defend Galforn from its invaders. Seeing the plight of the people who lost their nations and loved ones he pressed on to end the war, conquer all of the lands of the continent and unify all peoples under one banner, giving birth to the Mursai Empire.

For centuries, Mursai would lend aid to those in need, helping to feed people who's lands were experiencing hardships as well as sending its military to defend those without the means to defend themselves. Mursai was not only known for its military prowess but also for its technological advancements. The lands were beautiful and breathtaking as well. From the majestic Wendladt Mountains, it's serene windswept valleys and plains, to the majestic Kaluria Sea, you could travel for a year and not see all there was to behold in the empire. Mursai was the glimmering jewel of Sereth for nine hundred years.

In the year 638 C.E. Mursai is enveloped in a bloody conflict in a large island in the southern Cairan Ocean known as Kazogaru. Many sages, warriors and civilians are lost in the world wide conflict including many top sages and commanders. Even the Monolith of Mursai, Eren Valbier was mortally wounded in the war. Her apprentice and second in command, Kalazaar Dargon, took command of what was left of Mursai's military. Days after Eren was wounded, she succumbed to her wounds, leading to Kalazaar taking control of the entire Serethian United Force. Then Kalazaar managed the impossible as he took what was left of the forces at his disposal and led Sereth to victory over Kazogaru.

In 647 C.E., after the rebuilding from the Kazogaru War, King Vessan Mursai officially names Kalazaar Dargon the 138th Monolith of Mursai, Guardian of the Empire. Kalazaar names Jenzor Contego of the Contego Clan his apprentice and second in command. This is a key turning point in the culture of Mursai because the Contego Clan had been looked down upon for centuries as a cursed family line. However, when a situation would arise that the current leader would deem too tough for Mursai's usual methods to overcome, the powerful Contego Clan would be called upon to resolve the situation. It was only with the crowning of Queen Selenia Mursai one hundred-fifty years prior, that the Contego Clan were thought of as honorable members of the empire.

The years passed with minor incidents here and there as the Mursai Empire flourished along with the rest of the world. Other lands such as Klinden, Estrech and Burgonne began open for trade and travel once again while the lands of Vindred and Nakagara remained quietly cut off from the rest of Sereth. Mursai was keeping watch over the world as King Vessen showed the world a way to live in peace and harmony while Kalazaar assured that no one would attempt to disturb that hard won peace.

In 662 C.E. Kalazaar was asked by the Mursai High Council to step down from his duties as Monolith and join the Mursai Grand Council. Kalazaar, now fifty years old, is disappointed at the request because he feels he still has more value safe guarding the empire and Sereth alongside the Araurans. In Mursai, it is custom that the Supreme Watcher join the council at the age of sixty and the Monolith at the age of fifty. Though discontent at the council's request he steps down as Monolith, he passed the title willingly and with his blessing to Jenzor Contego. Kalazaar, however, does not join the council but rather leaves Mursai and vanishes from the public eye.

In the year 670 C.E. a calamity befalls the mighty empire. Overnight, the empire is destroyed. Thousands are dead, King Vessan among them and Vessan's brother Gaithan Mursai, heir to the throne, is missing. A curse was placed on the entirety of Mursai, to which no one currently knows who or what caused. The dark clouds swirl endlessly above letting not a ray of sunlight through. Though the grass and fields continue to grow, the trees have all but died. What was once a proud and thriving empire of guardians is now a dying land overrun by thieves, cutthroats and other wicked people.

"The sun never sets on Mursai", was once how people the world over referred to the mighty empire, but no more. What was known as the Mursai Empire is now known as The Darklands...