Derelict: Conjuring a Horror

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Derelict: Conjuring a Horror

When I set out to pen this wild horror tale that had been simmering in my mind for the last several years, I really had no expectation for what I was getting into. Transitioning from writing and drawing a fantasy comic into creating a visceral horror novel was a bit intimidating at first but then once the words started to flow I was overcome with excitement for what was beginning to come to life.

I have always wanted to do a story set in my hometown of Harrodsburg, KY so when I started working on this project I knew that there was really no other place I could have Kromius unleash its dark hordes upon the Earth. Drawing from lore from the area surrounding Mercer County as well as using old ghost stories and urban legends I had heard growing up, while sprinkling in some of my own experiences, I was able to set the tone for the story's horror.

If you're from the area, you're almost sure to recognize a few spots in the narrative and even if you're not and you just love a good horror tale, than I think you're really going to enjoy this.

So thank all of you who have already preordered Derelict: The Harbingers of Kromius, your support truly means a lot. Get ready!


You can pre-order your copy via digital or a signed physical copy below!


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