2020 Site Overhaul Underway!

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2020 Site Overhaul Underway!

Hey there everyone. Now that the insanity of the holidays and basic end-of-year whirlwind appearance schedule have concluded, I am back to work!

Currently, we have a site overhaul happening, finishing several new pieces of art that have yet to be show (even on my social media!) and putting the finishing touches on that Araura Kickstarter! All in all, been busy around here.

I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for al of the support, whether it be through a purchase on the store, support on Patreon, a subscribe on Youtube or just sharing links and talking about my work. I am excited about the work that I will be releasing in 2020 and even more excited about all of you finally getting to enjoy some of these works that have been in development for a while.

I'm getting back to work, hope all of you have a great week... and Keep Rockin'!


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