• Derelict: Conjuring a Horror

    A little insight into my mindset for forging fiction with real elements to create the horror and the world of Derelict.
  • What a weekend!

    So Louisville Supercon was this past weekend. It was a show that was met with mixed reviews from attendees and artists/vendors alike, but at the en...
  • Come see me at Louisville Supercon November 30 - December 2!

    This is my first big show since taking a little hiatus so it would be amazing to see you all come by the table this weekend! Should be a lot of fun...
  • Thank you to all of my supporters!

    It was #ThankYouPatrons day on Patreon so I figured it was a good time to do this video. Check it out.
  • New Araura in the works as volume 2 nears the finish line

    Updates on Araura volume 2 development as well as other Araura news!
  • Here's a quick peek at my next painting

    Excited to finally get to this piece. Vampire Hunter D has been a huge creative influence on me for many years.
  • Getting back in the groove of things

    Where I've been, why there's been no work recently and where we're headed.